I am spending some time to work on ICAP and OPES.

Follow the links to learn more about those:
More info about ICAP.
More info about OPES.


Other stuff

Download progress indication is a common problem for all Internet gateway virus scanners and for other filtering services. Today a number of workarounds are known that all have disadvantages. I propose a solution by introducing a new content encoding (named “LateClearance Content Encoding”) for HTTP but it requires support by browser vendors.
I published the proposal in this Internet-Draft expired (local copy)
In September 2007 I will present at the VB2007 about Stopping malware at the gateway: challenges and solutions.


Job Offers

Looking for a new job? Have a look at Secure Computing's Webwasher division. We are looking for talented software developers (C++ and Java) and test engineers.
See our list of current openings in Paderborn.



My wife's homepage has a couple of photos of our new puppy.
KLASTÉ home page.
My wife and I are having Pilates twice a week in Raum für Pilates

Martin Stecher
VP Development Web Gateway, McAfee GmbH
Vattmannstrasse 3, D-33100 Paderborn, Germany
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